Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Found this etched (or should I say scratched) into the wall of a bathroom stall at the public library a couple days ago.

Monday, November 24, 2014


The final batch of JCP-related releases for 2014 will be as follows:

Modern VIII C18+C7 'maxi-single'
   This one will be the final Modern release on recycled tapes, so to mark this milestone in my activities, it will be packaged appropriately; two cassettes in a clamshell case containing a new booklet of thematic collages and special inserts. Deals with themes of loss, grief, bereavement, and permanent change. Ltd. 10 copies.

Forward "Trance" CDr 
   I normally dislike CDrs, but found this to be the only way for this to see the light of day, since it's too long for a split, and one-sided cassettes would be equally pointless. As the first full-length album recorded by Forward, I couldn't let it slide into the archives without being heard properly. This was actually my very first attempts at assembly of the elements that became the project. Recorded some time in 2011 after I had sold all of my fuzz, distortion, and overdrive pedals, I basically only did this to prove to myself that the crushing wall-noise style could be done without the aforementioned dependencies. It was also my first experiment with 8-tracked compositions, leading to a new horizon in heaviness and monolithically expansive vastness. One track clocking in at 36:21. Ltd. 20 copies.

Should be ready before January 1st. Thanks for your interest. Next batch following that is scheduled for spring/summer 2015, which will step up the professionalism and include regular-person rock music as well as outsider gutter trash.