Friday, May 22, 2015


though it may seem I'm laying dormant, the opposite is true. currently I'm without an internet connection at home so I haven't had time to check in. after a lot of new recordings and consideration, some changes are being made.

newest recordings will be under the new moniker REALITY. analog power electronics recorded to tape. no aping of 1980s or current styles, no image, no claims. no politics, no extreme deviance, no themes of love and loss - only observations and experiences in LIFE. hate-filled and a little mentally unbalanced as it should be. C60 of two demo recordings.

next MODERN tape will be completely rotten post-mortem tape manipulation, and project will continue exclusively in that vein. same synth, metal, and field recordings loop formula, but putrid and disgusting. C40 in two long tracks.

the droning and crackling lines of FORWARD are no more. for those who've enjoyed the last tape in particular, the remaining two full-length archival materials will be issued in reasonable editions soon enough. however, the equipment for the project no longer exists, so I must focus my money, time, and energy towards other endeavors. in all honesty, I'm not sure I could have kept it going much longer, even if the circumstances were better. interested labels are free to get in touch regarding reissues after the last few I've got planned.

also, the site will receive a facelift to reflect the surge in energy and power. stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

two reviews from andrew macintosh

 posted yesterday evening on special interests forum.

"Despite it's title, "Heavy Electronics" by project Forward strikes me not quite so heavy as more of a minimal and somewhat reserved release. The sound, particularly on the second track "Overdose", is up-front and sounding very direct-input. It's loud, but not necessarily heavy to my ears, until towards the latter part of the piece when the intensity builds up. It invites comparisons to earlier Whitehouse pieces such as would feature on "Halogen", for example, which is hardly surprising given how much of an influence Whitehouse is for Peterson (he's covered "Phaseday" and "Mindphaser" on one of his releases). For mine, I preferred "Adrenaline", in which the precise and clear-edged sound recording worked well on the gradual build up and smooth minimalist droning of the piece. One can hear, at least, the deliberate progress of both pieces, the titles make sense. And I very much appreciate the starkness of the source, un-effected synthesiser straight in."

"More to my liking was Modern's "Untitled", four pieces of more layered, constructed and varied sources ranging from electronic to acoustic. Released as a double cassette, these pieces feature more layering of source sounds which, despite all being recorded on cassette and thus endowed with tape hiss, don't manage to over-crowd each other. There's an obvious attempt at some sort of composition, at least at timing of elements that come and go, and an interesting disparity between levels of recording quality which uses the fidelity as part of the construction. Object use, sometimes heavy metal, sometimes light, stands alone or alongside electronic drones and buzzes, which also get their time alone on occasions. The crudely recorded sources are considerately layered and assembled via software (there might also be some latter filtering too). One the shorter, latter pieces there's more a use of repetitive looping introduced, and both these pieces sound more layered and cluttered, yet still very precise in composition. In fact, the precision used to put these spirals together is more reminiscent of academically minded electro-acoustic rather than rape-your-guts Power Electronics. You end up with material that is neither raw nor polished but completely enjoyable."