Saturday, November 29, 2014


MODERN VIII untitled C18+C10 w/booklet MAXI-SINGLE ltd.10 copies

This untitled Modern boxed set was, in truth, the result of having an urge to release something in complicated packaging and having 'extra' tracks sitting around. I assembled them and then came up with this idea. 

Released on recycled tapes in recycled clamshell 2xCS plastic cases, it is a tribute to those like myself who would like to release things but cannot afford larger editions at the moment. Hence, some tapes are white, clear, or black, and same can be said for the cases.

The first tape, a c18, contains two tracks in the style which Modern listeners are familiar with, strangely-effected junk metal with decayed loops and uncomfortable analog synth. 
The second, a c10, is a single, containing two tracks which are to an extent, mirror images of one another. These two pieces of bleak, noisy pseudo-musique concrète divert somewhat from the usual Modern stylings into a darker, more focused effort with all the usual atmosphere and thematic source sounds.

This short collection of tracks is another autobiographical and observational vehicle, this time concerning attitudes and emotions such as regret, failure, loss, grief, bereavement, and disappointment. 

The depiction of Melvyn Foster on the cover will make sense to those familiar with the Gary Ridgway/Green River Killer case, similar to the significance of Veronica Compton on the Modern V C20. To some, one's own life is simply inadequate.

Rain, leaves, gravel, classical loops, deepthroat gagging, junk metal, synthesizers, and more.
Includes thematic collage booklet and inserts, in        typically crude Xerox style.

C18 & C10 set on recycled tapes and clamshell cases. 

$10 postage-paid in US/CAN
$12 postage-paid to REST OF WORLD

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Found this etched (or should I say scratched) into the wall of a bathroom stall at the public library a couple days ago.